VIOFYL SA was founded in 1993 in Metamorfosi, Attica, by brothers Theodoros and Petros Tsoukalas and Christos Nikiforidis. Its main activity is the manufacture of dough products. The products of the company are: Phyllo Dough thin (for confectionary products such as baklava), Phyllo dough thick (for pies), Phyllo dough extra thin (for specific sweet recipes) and Kantaifi (or angel hair).

Over time and as the company grew up, there was an urgent need to move so the company moves into new facilities. The headquarters of the company is transferred to Nea Chalkidona, Attica and remains there till nowadays

The main purpose of the company is to satisfy the needs of its customers as well as to meet the right expression of quality in its products.



  Petala 26, Ν. Halkidona

  +30 210 28.46.837

  +30 210 25.87.209 (Tel.-Fax)


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